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Five Points Massage & Spa
5606 Woodbine Rd
Pace, FL 32571
License Number: MM38594

Five Points Massage

Questions & Answers about Five Points Massage!

Five Points Massage & Spa is an upscale Asian Massage Spa. We do massage along with a full line of Spa services. We are not from Pensacola! We live here in Pace and have been a part of our community! Five Points Massage is our 4th store in the Milton and Pace area. Our Flagship store is Pace Massage & Spa. Pace Massage is now over 3 years old and was the First Asian Massage Store in the Pace area. We also have Milton Massage & Spa, Panda Massage and now Five Points Massage.

This is not our first redo, we have a proven track record in both, service and ethics. We are very excited to open up here at Five Points! We want to make sure you all know that Five Points Massage & Spa will be Christian owned and operated. We do Professional Asian Massage by licensed massage therapists. Yes, we are 100% legit! The Five Point area is a very special part of Santa Rosa County. We want to assure you that we will honor your trust in us!

The main question we get is why open up 4 stores in the Pace and Milton area? (A) Well, it is a strategic business decision. We were trying to keep the Massage store from Pensacola, Ft Walton Beach, and Panama City from coming here in this area. Not all of the stores from these areas hold to the same (service and ethics) that we do. We understand that there is only one Pie and it does not matter how many times you cut it. It is hard to compete when you play by the rules and do the right things. We thought it was worth it to try to keep the other stores from coming here to our community.

The other question is why Five Points? (A) We have been trying to come to Five Points for two years now. We saw that this area will become its own area, separate from Pace. Again it was a strategic business decision. Build it and they will come, right? The one thing we want the Five Points Comunity to know is we are 100% legit and we invite anyone to come in and inspect our operation. We are Christian owned and operated. We do Professional Asian Massage by licensed massage therapists.

One other question is what is the difference between an  “Authentic Asian Massage” and a US massage? (A) Value and Technique. At Five Points Massage & Spa you get the amount of massage minutes that you pay for. Unlike some others that take 10 minutes from your massage for them to get the room ready or stop 10 minutes short for you to get dressed. At Five Points Massage & Spa we specialize in Chinese Massage Techniques. We feel that Chinese Massage Techniques are the best type of massage. Chinese Massage Techniques – “Tui na” involves stretching, kneading and pushing the muscles, Zhi Ya involves pressing and pinching acupressure points to relieve stress and pain. Each technique is based on therapeutic principles with relative effects such as stimulating the body to release more hormones, regulating blood flow or boosting energy or recovery. “Shou fa” or hand techniques are further categorized into sedating techniques or “yin” and stimulating techniques or “yang.” The idea is to balance both yin and yang to achieve full health.

Come in and take a tour or if you have questions about us what we do or just questions about the Industry as a whole we welcome it all. Just Facebook PM us or use the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP!

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